The White Soldier: Soldier Symbols Move Throughout a Militarized World

White Soldier, a performance art concept from Yuda Braun, a former Israeli soldier, who with his colleagues between 2009 and 2013, dressed head to foot in battle gear rendered in pure white, patrolling Israeli-Palestinian cities and neighborhoods invoking self-examination of a largely militarized state and confrontation from observers.


In a region that operates largely through military control, everyday presence of soldiers and authority become more vivid and perhaps less everyday.

Although armed security is commonplace in Israel and the Palestinian territories, onlookers of the White Soldiers are often taken aback when confronted by living military icons who define the reality of Israeli life. Does the White Soldier change the militarized condition of Israel and Palestine? How do we accept the absurdity of day-to-day militarized existence when it is commonplace and generally accepted as a fact of life? When a militarized environment is exposed to be not common and presented as symbols of power and authority, and its Braun states, “I think where politics fail, art might be able to succeed.”


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