Suggest Content

العربية welcomes suggestions for content. The criteria for ilikum postings are:

      1. The artistic expression must be produced by peoples of the Middle East or associated diaspora worldwide. The Middle East or Near East are broadly interpreted  here, including areas that some historians, politicians, and nationalists might question, but for the purpose of showcasing artistic expression, the arguable boundaries of which countries are or are not the Middle East, as presented here, are generously fluid. Please read ilikum Terms of Use for information about the countries and diaspora where content is sought.
      2. The content of the postings cannot incite violence or convey threats from one group or individual to another.
      3. The preferred themes are constructivism, social progress, equality, social criticism and coexistence.
      4. Original and compelling content bears greater weight than popularity.
      5. Creative content includes visual art, music, video, film, literature, performance, design and sustainability along with events, websites, and publishing that supports these classes of creative production.
      6. Artistic production from non-Middle East artists that uses the Middle East in whole or in part, or its peoples as subject matter are generally not included as ilikum content.

Send your ideas via the contact page, and let me know if you want to be credited for the discovery of the posting content. terms and conditions.