Don’t Go to Iran

Okay, so Iran has a lot of work ahead in the realm of human rights, and many other countries do too. And although this is a promotional video, the point, I think is true, and that is the greatness and beauty of Iran and its people — and this is true for all counties — exists above and beyond its politics and shortcomings. Should we not go?

Ruins — Commemorating Lives Lost Using War-Torn Yemeni Walls


Artist Murad Subay with fellow artist, Thi Yazen, paint public art in their home Yemen to draw attention to the needs of Yemenis caught in an ongoing war and to provide remembrance to thousands of lives lost. Choosing motifs that emphasize individuals as well as the collective, their images stand out among the bombed ruins and function as an graphical interruption to the troubled landscape.  The project is their fifth undertaking titled, Ruins, painted in areas bordering war zones, their work sometimes interrupted by fighting and loss of electricity and resources.

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Iranian Women and Their Robots

The women are on board for the RoboCup IranOpen 2016, an international research and educational initiative whose purpose is to increase exploration of artificial intelligence along with supporting technology and engineering. And of course, being Iran, the presiding themes are those of domination of one group over another — conquering those who oppose you — aggressively undermining opponents — or, as they like to call it, soccer.

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Architecture as Weaponry: Devastation by Design

Rebel Architecture – The architecture of violence from Eqbal Ahmad FB Fan Page Admin on Vimeo.

Journalist and filmmaker Ana Naomi de Sousa created a documentary featuring Israeli architect Eyal Weizman that portrays how architecture and urban planning can be used as an instruments of violence and control. By examining how Israel uses division of land, its roads, highways, walls, fences, hilltops, and the very design detail and layout of homes in settlements, we see how architecture is used to enact slow but effective destruction and engulfing of the Occupied Territories.

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Repurposing Syria’s War Weaponry Into Art Objects


It is estimated that more that a quarter of a million people have died, and eleven million are displaced in what is now five years of civil war in Syria with no end in sight. With the well-documented dispossession and death, however, comes creative reinterpretation of the war-torn landscape and the deadly tools that deliver this destruction. Artist Akram Abu al-Fawz collects remnants of weaponry and transforms them into objects of art, adorning them with arabesque motifs and perhaps rendering them less dangerous symbols.

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The White Soldier: Soldier Symbols Move Throughout a Militarized World

White Soldier, a performance art concept from Yuda Braun, a former Israeli soldier, who with his colleagues between 2009 and 2013, dressed head to foot in battle gear rendered in pure white, patrolling Israeli-Palestinian cities and neighborhoods invoking self-examination and confrontation from observers.

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Write Down, I Am an Arab; Palestinian National Poet, Mahmoud Darwish

“He wrote about me, about you, about Palestine, about al-Birwa, about the occupation, about the victims, and he wrote about human beings,” says one of the interviewees in Ibtisam Mara’ana Menuhin’s documentary about Mahmoud Darwish, Write Down, I Am an Arab — winner of the Audience Award at Doc Aviv Film Festival, 2014. Learn more about Ibtisam Mara’ana Menuhin here.

Saudi Vocalist, Alaa Wardi and His Acapella version of Cheb Kaled’s, Aisha

Alaa Wardi is a Saudi recording artist based in Riyadh. His entire YouTube channel is devoted to his music and you can learn more about him on his website.

Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution — Witnessing Revolution Through Art

Revolution Continues
One day, we will cover the Earth with roses, The Revolutionary Movement Team in southern Damascus

The website, Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution, is a comprehensive  database of art produced by Syrians in the wake of the ongoing war-revolution. The producers of the site note that the war, now in its sixth year, has unleashed an astonishing wave of artistic expression that communicates the challenges to Syrians, its political and cultural upheavals not to mention the ever-present threat to life and livelihood.

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